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Hopefully, this short explanation can be understood by you
Indicators are just tools, no indicator is perfect What makes it perfect is you and your discipline

To practice discipline, You must fill in the initial Balance value according to the start of trading every day
This indicator will display the profit/loss in percent and the safe lot value (Equity/5000)

Cloud indicator of Kijunsen and SenkouspanA H1 . values

Blue Candle Body = CCI>0
Green Candle Body =CCI>100
Red Candle Body = CCI<0
Pink Body Candle = CCI<-100

Red High Low Candle = RSI<0
Blue High Low Candle =RSI>0

Green Dot = CCI enters the area >100
Green Cross = CCI exit area>100

Dot Pink = CCI enters area <-100
Cross Pink = CCI out of area <-100

Red Dochian UpperBand =RSI<0 and or CCI<0
Blue Dochian UpperBand =Rsi>0 and or CCI>0

Pink UpperBand Dochian = CCI <-100
Green Dochian UpperBand = CCI>100

Blue Arrow = Sell Breakout and zigzag draw line LL to HH
Red Arrow = Buy Breakout and zigzag draw line HH to LL

Please download first, all files are in the zip folder (all files must be copied into the indicator folder)


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