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Trend Following Indicators | Level Trading Indicator | 100% Free to Download

Level Trading is a versatile technical indicator designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 platform.

This indicator draws automatic trendlines and shows price estimates for the future based on recent market movements. It detects critical price reversal settings that aid in the identification of trading opportunities in consolidating and on-trend market conditions.

This post will show you how to use Level Trading Indicators in MT4 platforms to predict critical price levels and find profitable trading opportunities.

    Overview of the Level Trading Indicator

    The Level Trading Indicator provides a clear estimate of likely future price movement directions and provides a better insight into price action activities.

    Furthermore, you may use it to do price level analysis on any timeframe and any financial asset chart.

    Explanation of Level Trading

    The Level Trading Indicator uses coloured trendlines to represent the high/low ranges. It also draws projection lines that highlight likely future price support and resistance levels. The blue trendline represents an upward trend, while the red one suggests a downward trend.

    The indicator recognises the reversal pattern and signals the shift in trend direction when the price bounces from a major area. The dotted lines depicting anticipated S/R lines also aid in determining price retracement zones and probable price breakout levels.

    Buying Signals with a Level Trading Indicator

    • A red cross mark is drawn beneath a bullish price candle by the indicator.
    • The trendline changes colour to blue.
    • Set your stop loss below the current support level.
    • Once the price breaks below the blue trendline, exit long.

    The Level Trading Indicator is used to generate sell signals.

    • Above the price candle, a blue cross indicator appears.
    • SL above the current resistance as the trendline turns red
    • After the price breaks above the red trendline, exit the sell position.


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