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The Best Price Action Trading Strategies

    👉Trend Trading With Price Action

    Price action trend trading is the study of trends, whereas price action trading is the study of price changes. Traders can utilise a variety of trading tactics, such as the head and shoulders trade reversal, to spot and follow price action trends.
    The Best Price Action Trading Strategies
    This is an excellent trading technique for beginner traders because it allows them to learn from more experienced traders by chasing price action patterns as they emerge. You'd open a 'buy' position to profit from the green uptrends and a'sell' position to profit from the red downtrends in the screengrab below.

    👉The Pin Bar

    Because of its peculiar design, the pin bar pattern is also known as the candlestick approach. It resembles a candle with a long wick. It shows a sudden price reversal and rejection, with the wick or tail indicating the price range that was rejected.

    Traders will use this information to determine whether to take a long or short position in the market. For example, if the pin bar pattern has a long lower tail, it indicates that lower prices have been rejected in the past, implying that the price may be likely to climb.

    👉The Inside Bar

    The inside bar pattern is a two-bar approach in which the inner bar is smaller than the outer bar and lies between the outer bar's high and low range (or mother bar). Inside bars generally appear during a period of market consolidation, but they can also serve as a red herring, signalling a market turning point.

    Skilled traders should be able to recognise this trend at a glance and utilise their macro knowledge to determine if the inner bar reflects consolidation or a shift in the prevailing trend. The size and position of the inside bar will determine whether a price will rise or fall.

    👉Trend Continuation After Retracement Entry

    This is a fairly straightforward price action method in which the trader just follows the current trend.
    The Best Price Action Trading Strategies
    A trader can consider taking a short position if a price is clearly declining, with lower highs being repeatedly set. If prices are gradually rising, with highs and lows going higher, the trader may desire to enter the market.

    👉Following The Breakout, The Trend Continues.

    This trend follows any large market movements, assuming that a price surge would be followed by a correction. A breakout occurs when a market goes outside of a designated support or resistance line.

    Traders can take a long position if the stock is rising upwards or breaks above the resistance line, or a short position if it falls below the support line, using this as a signal to act.

    👉Reversal of The Head And Shoulders Trade

    The head and shoulders pattern, as the name implies, is a market movement that resembles the silhouette of a head and shoulders. In other words, prices rise, fall, rise again, fall, and then rise to a lower peak before a small decline.
    The Best Price Action Trading Strategies
    The head and shoulders reversal trade is one of the most popular price action trading methods because it's simple to pick an entry point (usually directly after the first shoulder) and a stop loss (usually after the second shoulder) to profit from a temporary peak (the head).

    👉The Highs And Lows In Order

    Price action trading is essentially a game of highs and lows. Price action traders can use the sequence of highs and lows technique to identify new market trends.

    For instance, if a price is trading at higher highs and lower lows, this implies that it is on cheval. It's moving downhill if it's trading at lower highs and lows. Traders can choose an entry point at the lower end of an upward trend and set a stop immediately before the preceding higher low by using their knowledge of the sequence of highs and lows.
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