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MA Candles Binary Trend Momentum Trading System | 100% Free to Download

The MA Candles Binary System For MT4 is a high-end momentum trading strategy. The method can be utilised as both a scalping and long-term trading strategy. Long-term trading demands a large stop loss, whereas scalping requires a small stop loss.

After installing the template, the novice may become perplexed by the chart's intricate parameters. However, the methods are simple to remember, and you can profit from this strategy. The most crucial. You won't have to worry about overtrading to make more money if you're an active trader. Let's look at how to use this MA candle-based technique to trade call and put options.

To observe the pivot level, enable the chart shift option in the properties of the chart. After generating a bullish arrow mark on the bottom, the price will break above the layer of bands. We must still wait for the price to decrease to the pivot point. If the pivot level matches the cluster of bands, ambitious investors can trade it. If the bands are close to the MS1, S1, or MS2, we must wait for the price to drop below that level.

MA Candles binary system is a trend momentum strategy. This Strategy is good also for scalping.

Time Frame 1min, 5min, 15 min.

Expiry time 15-30 candles.


Index: DAX, S&P 500, Dow Jones.

Metatrader Indicators:

Color fill MA (3, 50, 100);

MA Candles Two color (34 period);

Gold Indicator,

RSI MA (5 , 200, 12).

Trading Rules MA Candles Binary System


Wait that appairs Arrow Buy;

Candle Dodger blue;

Line Dodger blue above yellow line.

When these conditions are agree buy at opening of the next candle.


Arrow Sell;

Candle Red;

Line Dodger blue below yellow line.

When these conditions are agree buy Put (or sell) at opening of the next candle.

Exit positions for scalping

Profit Target:

1 min time frame 12-15 pips, 5 min 16-20 pips, 15 min 20-30 pips, or at the levels of pivot points.

Place Stop initial stop loss 15-30 pips depends by currency pairs and the time frame.

In the pictures Ma Candles Binary System.


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