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Bollinger Bands Intraday [MT4] Trading Indicator | Bollinger Bands, MACD and MA | 100% Free to Download

Bollinger Band Fundamentals

There are three lines in Bollinger bands: upper, middle, and lower. The centre line is a moving average of prices, with the trader determining the moving average's parameters. Because there is no magic moving average number, the trader can align the moving average with the approaches described below.

On either side of the moving average, higher and lower bands are drawn. Standard deviations establish the distance between the upper and lower bands. Although many traders utilise two standard deviations from the average, the trader decides how many standard deviations the indicator should have.

John Bollinger created the Bollinger Bands technical indicator. The indicator creates a channel around an asset's price changes. Standard deviations and a moving average are used to create the channels. Bollinger bands can be used to determine the direction of a trend, identify probable reversals, and track volatility. If you follow a few easy criteria, they can assist you in making better trading judgments.

  • Bollinger bands are technical indicators that create a channel around an asset's price fluctuations.
  • Bollinger bands are used to determine how strongly an asset is advancing and when it is losing strength or reversing.
  • Because they don't always provide accurate data, traders must use band settings that work the majority of the time for the asset they're trading.

Bollinger bands are merely an indicator. It has weaknesses and does not always give trustworthy indications. It can assist you in staying on trend and spotting potential reversals. You'll need to align the indicators with the parameters stated above to accomplish this. The indicator's random or default settings may not operate well. Before utilising the indicator for real trades, adjust it and test it out with paper trades.

The principles above do not constitute a trading strategy in and of themselves. Entry points, exit points, and risk management are all aspects of a trading strategy that were not covered in this article. Bollinger bands can be used in conjunction with a trading method, such as two-hour day trading stocks.

Rules for Bolliner Bands Trading Sytem Intraday
Time Frame 15 min
Currency pairs:any

for Bollinger Bands Trading System Intraday :

Long Entry
MA (2) Crosses upward midlle band and MACD histogram is below the line.

Short Entry
MA (2) Crossse downward midlle band and MACD histogram is above the line.

Exit options:
At the pivot levels, 10-15 pips profit target or opposite band;
Place stop loss 12-16 pips depends by currency pairs,
for sell 2 pip above upper band.
This Trading system have and good profitability wit profit target 8-12 pips.
One of the best, create EA to share here.
EA EUR/USD PT 9 Stop loss 13.


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