The Volumes Cluster-Delta Indicator | Shows Real Volumes From International Markets

The Volumes Cluster-Delta IndicatorΒ collaborates with the Volumes Server expert. Indicator displays volume data in a variety of ways. Volume histograms, Delta histograms, Ask/Bid histograms, Cumulate Delta histograms, and two views of Cumulate Volume histograms are available. There is a helpful graphical interface that allows you to select the type of histogram.

Because of the volume coming from the Futures market, it should be used on acceptable pairs (there are no volumes on cross-pairs). The option to select an instrument is also present in the handy graphic panel.

Real Volumes is a snapshot of market activity in which traders buy and sell actives. Volume behaviour patterns allow you to add some indications to your trading strategy.

This indicator features an alert mechanism, so when it reaches a certain level of alarm, it will play a sound file or send a PUSH message to your phone.

The Volumes Cluster-Delta Indicator was created to meet the needs of the MQL Market, and it only works when the expert Volumes Server is attached to any chart in your terminal.



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