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When considering the options offered, Capsule Charts can be extremely useful. A trader can acquire significant benefits in market decision-making by learning to interpret and exploit them. Capsule charts demonstrate what a bar chart does while also providing a visual picture of the range between an opening and closing period. With this information at your disposal, you can make well-considered judgments.

Capsule Charts outperform typical bar charts in terms of visual perception of data and the capacity to see data correlations and investor sentiment over time. At a glance, determine the present situation of the market.

Traders can rapidly tell if the market is strengthening (becoming bullish) or weakening (becoming bearish) by looking at the colour and length of a capsule (becoming bearish). It is now easier to see the market's direction. The hue and fullness of a capsule on a capsule chart can assist traders assess whether an uptrend is part of bullish momentum or merely a bearish trap.

Candlestick charts, bar charts, and capsule charts all display the same data in different ways. Capsule charts are more visually appealing because of the colour coding of the price bars and the presentation of the price movement in a frame-like shell that clearly shows the important levels, rather than just marking them with a thin line (wick). Furthermore, the way Capsule Charts visualise filling movement makes it very easy to discern not only trends but also trend shifts.

Shell Top = The hour's highest level

Shell Bottom = The hour's lowest level.

Filling equates to momentum and trend strength.

Bullish momentum = light filling colour

Bearish momentum = dark filling colour

Long versus short shells = In general, the longer the shell, the greater the purchasing or selling pressure. Short shells, on the other hand, suggest little price movement and represent consolidation.

Bullish trend: The capsule is light in colour, and the filling gets closer to the top with each capsule. Bullish capsules with a lot of body are an indicator of a lot of momentum. 

Bullish trend has ended: filling is still bullish, but it has sunk to the bottom of the shell. If a robust (full-bodied) bearish capsule appears following this, it confirms a trend change.

Bearish trend: The capsule is dark in hue, and the filling is sinking deeper and deeper with each capsule. Strong momentum is also indicated by full-bodied bearish capsules.

Bearish trend has ended: The filling is still bearish, but it has risen to the top of the shell. If a robust (full-bodied) bullish capsule appears following this, it confirms a trend change.



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