Find the Best MT4 Custom Indicator

When you are trading Forex on MetaTrader 4 platform, custom indicators can be very useful to help you identify when to enter and exit trades. But which MT4 custom indicator should you choose? There are many to choose from and all offer different features, so which one will actually give you the best results? To help you find the best MT4 custom indicator that will deliver the results you need and improve your trading, here are five tips to consider when making your choice.

Finding your trading niche

It is important to determine what you want your trading career to be. Are you looking for part-time income, or do you want to quit your job and trade full-time? Whatever your goal is, it should help you determine how many hours per week (and months out of each year) that you will need to devote to reaching that goal. Also, if part-time, how much are you willing to work each week? Some traders can manage a 4-hour workweek; others cannot.

Analyzing forex brokers

You should be careful when selecting a forex broker. Many brokers have hidden costs, meaning you’ll pay more than advertised fees. Other brokers may have poor customer service, low withdrawal limits or inflexible trading platforms. Choose a forex broker with reasonable fees and services that meet your needs.

Understanding how to trade

So, why should you trade on a demo account? Because they allow you to practice trading without risking real money. Whether you're in education or already work at a financial institution, placing trades on a demo account is an invaluable resource. A lot of people believe that success comes only after hours and hours of practice — and it's true! But not everyone has time for that, so trading with a demo account helps you to gain valuable experience while limiting your risk. If you already know how to trade, I bet by now your level of confidence is higher than ever before — and it should be. Now that your skills are solidified, it's time to take things one step further and open an actual trading account. Choose one from our list below: Why?

Choosing a strategy

Once you've settled on a trading platform, you'll need to pick a strategy. There are two basic types of trading strategies: fundamental and technical. Fundamental analysts don't concern themselves with things like price movements—they focus on macroeconomic factors, like interest rates and income statements. Technical analysts examine charts to forecast what traders will do next. You can stick with one strategy or use both at once (what's called combined or hybrid investing). If your knowledge is weak in one area, it's smart to follow your strengths—otherwise you might find yourself talking through an economic analysis while stocks are plummeting because of something you're missing in a chart.

Avoiding scams and frauds

Forex Trading by its nature attracts a lot of scammers, and it is important to be wary of these people. Most Forex scams involve asking you to deposit money into an account to trade Forex and then run away with your money or use it for fraudulent purposes. This type of scam is very common, so be sure that you take appropriate steps to protect yourself from being scammed.

The best free MT4 custom indicator

To create a custom indicator for MetaTrader 4, you’ll need to have some knowledge of programming languages, including C++. One option is to use one of many special tools that lets you build indicators with only basic knowledge in programming, such as MetaEditor or TickStudio. However, if you want to go beyond simple indicators and write your own EA from scratch, then learning C++ will be necessary (after which you can easily create whatever indicator or robot you desire). Once complete with your EA creation, open up MetaTrader 4 platform and select Indicators in top left corner of your platform. Click on Add Indicator and then Custom Indicator. This should take you to a new window where you can enter all of your code into each box available on screen. When finished, click OK to save changes. Your new indicator should now appear on your chart when opened up in MetaTrader 4 platform! Remember that once you are ready to release your indicator to public trading platforms, it needs to be thoroughly tested before releasing it out into world so no negative consequences occur from using it. There are multiple testing procedures available online through sites like YouTube, but they all require you being familiar with coding language first. Make sure any program or custom indicators are 100% safe before releasing them publicly by ensuring they follow proper coding protocol/rules and do not harm users' accounts/systems in any way shape or form!

Important note before trading with any indicator

You should not trade with any indicator if you do not know how to read it. Just because you think it is going to go up or down, doesn’t mean that it will – there are a lot of factors that come into play. Make sure you have learned what that indicator means, and make sure you understand why it does what it does before using it for your trading. If in doubt just stay away from using custom indicators unless absolutely necessary.

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