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The Volume Profile FR(Fixed Range) Supply and Demand | Volume Profile Indicator

The Volume Profile Indicator computes volume based on pricing levels (typical volume indicator shows only candle volumes).

A standard volume indicator operates on a time axis. You can use it to estimate the volume of each candle, but to determine the volume of price levels, you'll need something more than a standard volume indicator:

You can discover critical places with the volume of price levels that have the ability to reversal. You may also see and choose the volume of support and resistance levels.

Using volume profiles in conjunction with Price Action and Elliott analysis can be quite beneficial to a trader.


  • Beautiful and simple graphics and user interface
  • Easy to use
  • High speed compared to other similar products (use advanced search algorithm)
  • Ability to adjust the accuracy and speed of calculations
  • Available in all markets (Forex, stock market and crypto market)

Indicator Parameters:

  • Calculation Period: With this option, you can specify the deep search in a specific time-frame.
  • M1 Minute: Calculation on M1 time-frame candles, Calculations with high accuracy but slowly.
  • M5 Minute: Calculation on M5 time-frame candles, Calculations with good accuracy and fast.
  • M15 Minute: Calculation on M15 time-frame candles, Calculations with low accuracy and very fast (Recommended only in time-frame H4 and above).

Other parameters are related to indicator graphics.



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