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Live Market Updates- How to Keep Track of the Stock Market

The stock market can be an exciting place to invest, but it’s also one of the most unpredictable places in the world- it’s impossible to know what will happen from day to day, let alone year to year. And if you aren’t looking at the market every day, you could easily lose track of how your investments are doing, missing out on opportunities as well as danger signals that could lead to devastating losses. This guide will help you keep up with the stock market without investing too much time in it.

    Best Websites for Live Share Prices

    As you search for market news, keep in mind that some sources are much better than others. When live updates are essential, get your information from trusted, unbiased financial sites and services. Check out stock exchange websites (e.g., NASDAQ), financial services websites (e.g., Morningstar), and brokerage company sites (e.g., TD Ameritrade). Also check out major news networks, including CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal's Markets & Money page. As with most Internet content, some stock quote resources have more credibility than others; read reviews before you decide which live updates to trust with your hard-earned cash.

    Best Apps for Checking Shares on the Go

    The market is a constantly shifting and sometimes stressful entity. That’s why it’s important to be able to access share prices anywhere you go. Whether you need an app that lets you check your holdings when traveling or one that alerts you in real time, there are plenty of ways for shareholders and prospective investors alike to keep track. Here are some top options A Bloomberg terminal can cost as much as $24,000 per year but if you don't have quite that much cash on hand, try out eSignal , which offers full charts and data with no monthly fees. If you're more interested in price checking than following along with live trades, try Ticker Sense . It's free but only shows stock quotes (no charts). You can also check out Yahoo! Finance , which has a live ticker plus news stories about major companies.

    There are even apps for tracking stocks on Apple Watch: TradingWatch helps investors stay up to date with their portfolios from their wrists while Stocks 4 allows users to create lists of favorite stocks they want to follow.

    Best Sites for Learning About Stocks

    There are thousands of websites out there that feature up-to-the minute market news and other market data. However, when it comes time to make decisions about buying or selling stocks, you want information from a source that has its finger on the pulse of world financial markets. There are plenty of great sites for following daily trends in major financial indices and learning about important economic indicators. But if you’re interested in checking out stock prices and doing your own analysis, these three online resources will help you track shares in real time What Is Real Time? The term real time refers to any situation where information is delivered as soon as possible after an event occurs. If someone sends you an email message and asks you to respond ASAP, they mean it; do not take 10 minutes to get back with them! Likewise, if a site says it offers real-time updates, what they really mean is that they have a process in place so that new information is sent to their website as soon as possible—not five minutes later.

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