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The Extreme TMA System Arrows Indicator displays BUY/SELL Signal Arrows as well as the most likely Take Profit. And the Stop Loss is calculated based on the StopLoss:TakeProfit ratio you specify. There are three TMA bands: upper, middle, and lower. When the price crosses the upper band, it reverses and provides a SELL opportunity; when it reaches the lower band, it provides a BUY opportunity. When the trend reverses, the price will at least reach the middle band.

Three items must be checked to confirm this reversal:

1. The TMA Slope (of current and Higher timeframes)
2. Lines of Support/Resistance
3. RSI OverBought/OverSold

Concerning Support/Resistance:
  • If the price is near to Support and passes the lower band, it will most likely reverse for BUY.
  • If the price is near to Resistance and passes the top band, it will most likely reverse to the SELL side.
BUY SELL Signal Conditions:
  • If useHeikenAshiPrice is true – use Heiken Ashi prices
  • If Price has crossed Upper/Lower bands
  • If useRSI is true and Price OverBought/OverSold
  • If checkCurrentTFSlope or checkHTFSlope – do a Slope Check as described in next section
  • If “Ignore If TakeProfit Too Close” is true – and price is less than “Min Distance from TakeProfit” percentage. See in section below.
  • If all conditions match you will get a corresponding BUY or SELL Signal and Alert. BUY is Green Background. SELL is Red background.
Slope Check:
  • If TMA_SlopeThreshold is 0.3.
  • If Slope < -0.3 means Bearish Trend so show only SELL Signals. Ignore all BUY Signals
  • If Slope > 0.3 means Bullish Trend so show only BUY Signals. Ignore all SELL Signals
  • If Slope between -0.3 and 0.3 means Market is Ranging. Show both BUY and SELL Signals
  • Take Profit Distance Calculation:
  • If MinDistance is 0.3 means 30%
  • If 100% distance is between Upper/Lower band and Middle band.
  • If distance between Upper/Lower band and starting price is already more than 30% then ignore the signal.
Indicator Properties:
Common Dashboard Settings:

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: All pairs
Trading Time: Around the clock
Time-frame: All TimeFrames. But higher TF H1, H4+ are better and more stable



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