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The Ultimate FUSION MT4 Forex Trading System | 100% FREE DOWNLOAD

The Ultimate Complete Forex Trading System, based on her favourite indicators over the last 11 years of developing colour coded MT4 trading systems.... a 'Fusion' of the best of the best!

All indicators display trend and momentum and are colour coded for simple interpretation of trend, entrances, re-entering after retracements, and exits, as well as being non-lagging and non-repainting.

The candles are smoothed trend candles, whereas the silver Xs represent flat consolidation zones with no trend or momentum.

The FUSION trading method focuses in making it extremely simple to identify and trade retracements, which is one of the most critical trading abilities to master.

Learning how to trade retracements is critical since we frequently miss the optimal entry and exit points for large moves.

However, while significant swings can linger for a long time, if the trend is strong, there will be retracements (pullbacks), because price never travels up or down in a straight line; there are always pullbacks or retracements.

By trading retracements, you don't have to exactly timing the start of a trend; instead, you may wait for the price to pull back and join at an appropriate time when the price restarts the main trend.

The chart below depicts a strong trend with many pullbacks.... each pullback signals a potential trading entry. To show you the entries, I've put red vertical sell lines and green vertical buy lines.

This works incredibly well....I created a few pips with it... I'm content.

The dotted trend lines are Bollinger Bands with arrows that warn you when an arrow occurs.
The Bollinger Band trend lines work in the same way that the Bollinger Band indicator does. When volatility is high, the lines become quite far apart, and when volatility is low, the lines become very thin and tight. Price will break up or down after a consolidation phase, as indicated by the silver X's and tight Bollinger Band lines.

In the main window, there are three different coloured Bollinger Band dotted trend lines with arrows that follow price activity in the candles and react to volatility.

The medium Bollinger dotted trend line is a dark blue or purple dotted line with a larger setup arrow that informs us early that a major trend is about to change, and then we utilise the fast light blue or pink entrance arrow for confirmation, with popup audio notifications.

The Gold Bollinger Band dotted trend line is the sluggish major trend line, and the appearance of a gold arrow indicates a big trend reversal.

If the other two Bollinger Band dotted trend lines coincide, as well as the colour coordinated candle and other indications, you have a buy or sell entry point.



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