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Forex Technical Metatrader 4 Indicator 2022 | 100% FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Forex Technical Analysis Indicators are usually used to forecast price fluctuations in the currency market. They are predictions that take the volume and price of a certain financial instrument into account. By using Forex indicators, traders can make judgments about market entry and exit.

What is technical analysis?

The technical analysis applies to the use of charts generated by a trading platform or other software to analyze the path of markets and also possible entry and exit points for trades.

Technical analysis is separate from fundamental analysis, it includes looking purely at market prices and patterns. Fundamental analysis requires any research into what is driving the price of the market. The two can be merged or used separately from each other. At each extreme, there are traders who solely use technical analysis and others who are purely fundamental traders.

Why is technical analysis Important?

Various traders and investors use technical analysis to inform them of the direction of markets. Markets are not completely irregular and if you see a pattern emerging, the chances are many others can too. This makes it almost a self-fulfilling trend. Traders and investors support creating the patterns we see in market prices.

Advantages of technical analysis.

The advantages of technical analysis are that it can be utilized to virtually any trading instrument and in any timeframe. Technical analysis can be used to analyze anything from stocks, commodities, interest rates, or forex trading i.e. currency market. 

You can also use technical analysis from a short-term prospect to a longer-term time frame. In fact, it can be used to a chart ranging from minutes on an intra-day time frame to weekly or even monthly time frames.

It is important to know that technical analysis can be used as a standalone system or it can be incorporated with other methods such as fundamental analysis or market timing methods.

Professional traders apply technical analysis to create a set of clear rules and guidelines to assist in the decision-making method of when, where, and how to enter and exit a trade. For example, it can form part of your trading plan, setting your rules for entering and exiting trades.

We are Introducing here the best indicator strategy.

Example -1

This is USDCAD 1 Hour Metatrader chart. You can see the trades that have been made with the help of this indicator, now this trade is making good profits.  

In the end, both the trades are giving good profits but we have to wait for the right target. The target will tell us the indicator itself. You can see the target line in the indicator that is visible in blue color. These are the target lines that will be touched in the next few hours. Then you have to close trading which will give you good returns. 

Example -2 

EUR/USD 1Hour Chart

Example -3

GBP/USD 1Hour Chart

Finally TGT Hit

If you have been trading for the last several years but you are not gaining green pips from trading and you have been very distressed by the losses, you want to recover your losses, Then you must use this trading strategy once. I assure you, that this trading indicator will work 100 percent and you will be able to recover your loss and earn a good profit from trading. 
Happy Trading in Advance ✌


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