Smart Trader 1 | Best trading indicator for metatrader 4

Smart Trader 1 is the best trading indicator in 2020 for the Metatrader4 platform.  If you use this indicator correctly then you can gain more green pips Or recover your lost capital by using this indicator. 

Smart Trader 1 Indicator is a very good trading strategy, I've created it after a lot of research, If you use it correctly it will gain 99 percent correct accuracy from trading for more information you can check out the below explanation pictures.

How to use the Smart Trader 1  strategy, you should see the picture below.

This is EUR/USD M15 timeframe now look here how to use this trading strategy correctly. 

EUR/USD M15 : 01 Explanation  Best trading indicator for metatrader 4

EUR/USD M15 : 02 Explanation  

EUR/USD M15 : 03 Explanation 
Best trading indicator for metatrader 4

EUR/USD M30 Chart True Signal

AUD/USD M30 Chart True Signal

Time to Enter Buy Trades

Great Entry with this system.

Nice Entry 1

Nice Entry 2

See How to Identify Wrong & Right Signal. 

Perfect Entry, Perfect Target.

How to set Target and Stop Loss ?

Entry 3

Entry 4

Rules for trading with Smart Trader 1  Indicator are as follows:-
1. Identify False Signal.
2. Ignore all False Signals.
3. Always go according to the trend filter.
4. Find true signal and Enter trader.
5. Set Take Profit. 
6. For more information regarding trading kindly see the above picture. 

Time Frame: M15, M30, H1

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Risk warning
Before you begin trading on a Real account please carefully consider your investment goals, risk, and experience you have. It should be noted that Forex is a leverage-based market. It should be remembered that leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage as well. Therefore there is a high risk of losing a part or all of your financial input placed on your account and because of that, you should remember to trade with the amount of money that you can lose without taking any influential financial damage.

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