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Elliott Waves has always been and probably will always be one of the most important tools for technical analysis. When I personally convinced myself of the potential of this amazing tool, I decided to use this software.

EV_ABCD_PRO is the Best Indicator of Elliott waves and it has many functions, and the two main ones are fully automatic waves - and - semi-automatic waves. If the EV_ABCD_PRO is in a fully automatic mode, then it will automatically place waves based on the fractals of the time period that you have chosen. if in the semi-automatic mode you will be able to place waves wherever you want on the chart and the software will still help you place them according to the basic rules of the waves.

There are more amazing features in EV_ABCD_PRO, such as Automatic cash management with an automatic risk-reward ratio. Multi-period wave time Using multiple currencies shows with alarm. You can also change the time period of the chart and the currency directly from the group. Mini-charts with Candles, MKL, Fractals, ATR, Envelopes, PSAR, Bollinger bands, Stochastic and Stochastic signalling. Automatic correlation force. a new feature I recently added. shown only on the first and second images below. Trading levels that you can divide into grains, into a regular unit or percentages and create Fibonacci levels. Internal levels for each of the main Trading levels.

The movement of the average value, which is a feature never seen before, the indicator calculates the grains between fractals high to fractals low from 1000 candles back in the time period of the waves and gives you the average of the price dynamics so when the recursive appears, it is easier to predict how much the price will move for the indicator There is a choice to calculate the trading position of the levels by moving average cost. mt4 alarm, email alert, smartphone text alert and much more as you will see below.

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Risk warning & Disclaimer
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Signals generated by the system are not investment recommendations. All materials included on the website, as well as all system components (indicators, instruction manual), are for educational purposes only. Creators of the system will not take any responsibility for any profit or loss/damage caused by using the system

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