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Pro-Trader 3.0 is a Trading Indicator that works on Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform. Pro-Trader 3.0 is a Professional Trading Strategy that provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities, patterns, Range, Take Profit, Entry signal, and Stop loss as well as price dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Pro-Trader 3.0 is a trading system suitable for swing traders. This system is very effective in longer time frames like four-hour and daily charts. This is a trend following the system. Therefore, you should be taking trades only in the direction of the major trend and never attempt to trade against the ongoing trend. 

Pro-Trader 3.0 is very flexible and can be used to trade any currency pair. If you follow the rules of the system very strictly then you might generate results with 90% accuracy. Pro-Trader 3.0 allows you to set your stop loss and take profit levels which will keep maintaining the risk to reward ratio. You will always be a winner in the long term while using Pro-Trader 3.0 Trading Indicator. 

When the Pro-Trader 3.0 is appropriately installed in your MetaTrader platform, your chart should look like this:-

Trading in a sideways market is also suitable for using Pro-Trader 3.0. You can also use it in the trending market. Time frames of M30 & H1 and/or higher are appropriate to trade with Pro-Trader 3.0. Sometimes trading with this system can be confusing especially in a choppy market. It is essential that you should deeply analyze the system first and get used to it before trading with real money. 

Buying Conditions Using Pro-Trader 3.0 

Selling Conditions Using Pro-Trader 3.0 

Pro-Trader 3.0 is in action with GPB/USD M30 Chart look like this 

If you are serious about your money and want to be a professional trader then we strictly recommend you to use this trading strategy.


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