MACD Blaster PRO 2 Forex System 2020 : Free Unlimited Download Now

MACD Blaster PRO 2 system provides you with clear and precise signals on any currency pair that are easy to follow, even for absolute beginners. It’s the FIRST rock-solid MACD based trading system that can generate 200-500 pips per week.

MACD Blaster PRO 2 Forex System is The FIRST rock-solid MACD trading system that can generate 200-500 pips per week.

There are many traders deploy the MACD indicator in their daily forex trading but over 90% fail to use it profitably. Instead, they lose it all.

That’s why we have developed the MACD Blaster PRO 2 system. It’s a highly advanced and profitable forex system based on MACD.

The double trend confirmation MACD trading algorithm we have developed is highly advanced and has been rigorously tested in real-time.

MACD Blaster PRO 2 Forex System consists of 2 components: the MACD Blaster PRO trend analysis mini window and the MACD scalper indicator. MACD Scalper Buy and Sell Arrows.

Buy Signal:

  • The Smart Display window “Analysis” must display “Buy Only”
  • The MACD Scalper indicator draws a Gold colored buy arrow on the chart
  • A Gold colored histogram appears underneath the main trading chart
Buy Trade Example

Sell Signal:

  • The Smart Display window “Analysis” must display “Sell Only”
  • The MACD Scalper indicator draws a Crimson colored sell arrow on the chart
  • A Crimson colored histogram appears underneath the main trading chart
Sell Trade Example

No Trades:
The Smart Display window “Analysis” displays “No Trade”. Don’t trade any new signals issued by the MACD Scalper indicator (no clear buy or sell trend).

Protective Stop-Loss
Buy Signal: Place stop-loss below the most recent support.
Sell Signal: Place stop-loss above the most recent resistance.

Take Profit
Personally, I want to keep this as simple as possible! I know there are many methods out there when it comes to taking profit but here’s how I do it:

See the examples below to discover the true power of MACD Blaster PRO 2. MACD Blaster PRO 2 Forex System works for any currency pair and timeframe. No exception.

EUR/USD 1-Minute Trading Chart
The unique colored system shows you exactly where to enter the trade. In this particular case, the smart window analysis (upper right corner) displays “Sell Only”.

So, we’re only looking to execute the sell arrows while avoiding the buy arrows (against the major MACD trend).

As you can see from the M1 EUR/USD chart above, you would be up 30 pips right now if you entered the sell trade where it triggered.

MACD Blaster PRO 2 Works Equally as Good for Swing Traders, Day Traders, and Scalper.
Take a look at the following charts below, they are pretty much self-explanatory.

USD/CHF 1-Minute Trading Chart

AUD/JPY 1-Minute Trading Chart

EUR/USD 5-Minute Trading Chart

USD/JPY 5-Minute Trading Chart

What You’ll Get:
  1. MACD Blaster PRO 2 trading system for MT4.
  2. Works on any currency pair and other MT4 symbols
  3. 100% No Repaint Trading Signals
  4. Popup Alerts, Email Alerts, and Push Alerts
  5. Use on unlimited accounts and Devices
  6. Unlimited Customer Support

Risk warning & Disclaimer
Before you begin trading on Real account please carefully consider your investment goals, risk and experience you have. It should be noted that Forex is a leverage-based market. It should be remembered that leverage can work both in your advantage and disadvantage as well. Therefore, there is a high risk of losing a part or all of your financial input placed on your account and because of that, you should remember to trade with the amount of money which you can lose without taking any influential financial damage.

Signals generated by the system are not investment recommendations. All materials included on the website, as well as all system components (indicators, instruction manual), are for educational purposes only. Creators of the system will not take any responsibility for any profit or loss/damage caused by using the system

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