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Dolly_Graphics_v18_Indicator has now been updated to run on the latest MT4 platforms, there have been many internal code updates that use the new code such as drop-down windows for time-frames and for the built-in colour selections.

Dolly_Graphics_v18_Indicator consists of a buy and sell area. This forex indicator tells you where to open a buy or sell order in the forex market. It also gives you an indication of where to close your open position for a profit or a loss. Dolly trade example: Buy stop-1 EURUSD@ 1.3053 / TP 1.3073 / SL @ 1.3013.

Dolly Graphics v18 Dolly Graphics v16 and v17 have been removed and the Dolly Graphics indicator has now been updated to run on the latest ( MT4 build 1220 as of October 2019 ) platform. The button code and some other aspects of the code have been rewritten to make the Dolly Graphics v18 indicator more efficient and the "points" value code has been altered to automatically allow for a wider range of trading pairs. I have left the previous Dolly screenshots on my website as the Dolly Graphics v18 indicator has an identical display only the button position code has been updated to maintain the correct button alignment. With the Dolly Graphics v18 indicator, most of the main Dolly functions can now be accessed directly off the chart. All the built-in Dolly indicators and changing of the colour schemes plus a sophisticated set of Alerts is now available for the Dolly Targets and the Entry Signals directly off the chart with a single click of the appropriate button. The "X" button has been added for easy one-click removal of Dolly off the chart.

NOTE: 06/10/2017 - Dolly Graphics v18 has had some minor updates to the display code to remedy a button colour issue since the latest MT4 updates.

When Dolly_Graphics_v18_Indicator appropriate installed in Metatrader 4, It will look like the below figure:-

The big changes in the Dolly_Graphics_v18_Indicator version are the use of buttons so that the most used Dolly trading functions can be accessed directly on the chart with the use of buttons at the top left of the Dolly display. The code for the coloured Target and Daily Average panels has been altered to compensate for the smaller average ranges in the current market. The previous code sometimes has colour overlay issues. Another feature is the Alerts which are also accessed directly on the chart, Dolly now has 2 sets of Alerts, a set for the Target levels and a set for the Entry Signals.

The Dolly_Graphics_v18_Indicator built-in indicators such as Bands, Guppy MA’s, Trend MA’s and Murrey Math can now all be loaded onto the same chart at the same time and are all MTF due to MT4 no longer having an 8 buffer restriction. There have been some reports of Dolly Graphics v16 deleting off the chart if the selected time-frame is above Daily plus I noticed M1 Pivots had a different output compared to higher time-frames.

Dolly_Graphics_v16_Indicator and
still requires the use of a password to be put into the inputs before the indicator can be used.
Password = FREE_at_tsd (and/or) FREE_cja_indicator



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