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Xmaster Formula Metatrder 4 Indicator | 100% Free Download

Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator is a universal Forex indicator that is suitable for any time-frame, any currency pair. Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator shows in the highly volatile pairs during the London session.

Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator is intuitive and will not cause you difficulties at work. It is a simple indicator defines the beginning and end of the trend. You can even say ideal for both intraday scalping and for medium and long-term trade. Despite the good results Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator should not be used alone, but rather to supplement it with additional filters. You can also apply Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator as an addition to your trading system.

Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator was made for traders like you can become the real master of the forex market. This wonderful tool (Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator) is suitable to use for trading any currency pair on any time frame even beginners can easily use it with no further difficulties. Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator quite a beast, with traders rating its success rate over 70%. It caters to both swing traders and scalpers.

Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator is displayed on a separate window just below your main trading chart. It consists of green and red dots arranged in the form of a wave line. They follow the current market trend and you should read them as follows: green dots indicate upward movement and red dots indicates downward movement. Additionally, the indicator shows big yellow arrows which means a change in the trend direction. Big arrows are the main signals of Master Formula.

How to use Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator
Everything just the color red for Buy, green for Sell. When changing color arrow appears. The arrows cannot pay attention, the main color change. Colors can be changed in the settings. You can work on one indicator when changing colors do the reverse position. Indicators can be used as a supplement to the main trading system.

Trading rules
Long Signal: Open buy order after first closed candle when the Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator yellow arrow appears and points upwards, plus mandatory an accompanying green colored dotted line.

Short Signal: Open short order after first closed candle when the Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator yellow arrow appears and points downwards, plus mandatory an accompanying red-colored dotted line.

Exit trades: Close your orders when you see the opposite signal generated. For example: if you have to buy an order opened, close it when you see Xmaster Formula mt4 Indicator arrow pointing down and candle closed.

Buying Conditions
When you buy, the market should be recovering from a pullback in a bullish trend, or it should be changing from a bear trend. This means that the dots should be red, but that’s not a signal yet. The yellow arrow should appear pointing up before you execute. Place a buy stop immediately an up yellow arrow appears. Place the stops on areas that agree with your risk appetite, which is both the profit target and stop loss.

Selling Conditions
When you want to sell, the market should be recovering from a pullback in a bear trend, or changing from bull trend to bear. That means the dots should be green, indicating a weak bullish move. Sell immediately when the yellow arrow appears pointing down. Place your stops around areas where your risk appetite agrees, that is the stop loss and profit target.

Features of Xmaster Formula Indicator
Platform: Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: all of them, majors recommended
Timeframes: all of them
Trading time: any, but London session recommended



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