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Smart Trend Metatrder 4 Indicator 2022 : 100% Free Download

Smart Trend mt4 Indicator is based on a colored trend line and a band. The colored line shows you the current market trend, the above band shows the overbought level and the lower band the oversold level. You want to look for a buy trade if the Smart Trend mt4 Indicator is in an uptrend (blue) and the price is in the oversold level (lower band). You want to look for a sell trade if the Smart Trend mt4 Indicator is in a downtrend (red) and the price is in the overbought level (upper band).

Smart Trend mt4 indicator does not repaint.

Smart Trend mt4 Indicators full version has the possibility to send alerts, emails and push notification to your smartphone.

Below two buy entry signal examples. The left is a strong signal the right is a weak signal. In both cases, you want to go long in the green area.

Signal Mode

The Signal Mode was added in version 1.01. If it is set to Close the smart trend indicator will send a notification if the candle closes in a strong or weak area. If it is set to High/Low, the candle only has to touch the signal area to send a notification.

Input parameters
Max Bars

Only Full version:-
Send Alert
Send Email
Send Push Notification

Signal Mode: Close or High/Low
Notify On-Trend Change
Notify On Strong Signal
Notify On Weak Signal
100% Free Download


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