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Exponential Moving Average (EMA) | Profitable Trading Strategies | EMA indicator Metatrader 4 Indicator | 100% FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Exponential Moving average is perhaps the most popular indicator in technical analysis. Exponential Moving average helps you see the trend by coloring the MA-based in its direction. It's green when rising and red when falling. Of course, you can easily change that in the Style tab under Settings.

Color Exponential Moving Average A also lets you select from five different types of moving averages, including simple, exponential and Hull. We've included a list for easy reference below. Just change the "AvgType" on the Input tab under Settings.

The exponential moving average (EMA) is a weighted moving average (WMA) that gives more weighting, or importance, to recent price data than the simple moving average (SMA) does. The EMA responds more quickly to recent price changes than the SMA. The formula for calculating the EMA just involves using a multiplier and starting with the SMA.

Exponential moving averages (EMA) give more weight to the most recent periods. In our example above, the EMA would put more weight on the prices of the most recent days, which would be Days 3, 4, and 5. This would mean that the spike on Day 2 would be of lesser value and wouldn’t have as big an effect on the moving average as it would if we had calculated for a simple moving average.

Bollinger Bands stDev1 et stDev2 et EMA 100 et 200 hash ribbon

This script allows free trading view users to have 5 indicators in one. it consists of Bollinger bands with 3 indicators (red green blue which is the EMA 20-40 and 60) When these indicators are in order (from top to bottom) Red-Green-Blue it is a bullish signal and in addition, I add the EMA 100 in purple and the EMA 200 in dark blue a little thicker. I added in relation to my previous script the hash ribbon indicator in part, just the bubbles without the curves for better readability. You also have an entry indicator on short or long.

Double Trend

This is a super simple strategy that I use when I miss an entry based on other indicators, or if I've been on a losing streak and I need an easy win. Wait for the 12 EMA to cross above the 26 EMA, and then buy when price pulls back to the 12 or 26 EMA. I prefer to exit my trades based on divergence on the stochastics or RSI, but if you miss that exit then wait for the 12 to cross below the 26 and sell when the price to pulls back up to the 12 EMA. I find this strategy works well on the daily time frame in traditional markets, and for Bitcoin, it works well for 6 hours and daily time frames.

Moving averages are lagging indicators so this strategy does not work well in choppy markets or when you have a deep V bottom or blow-off top. I only use this strategy when there is a confirmed weekly uptrend.

Simple EMA Cross

The quick script I put together to complete the following:

- Simple EMA with the option to either display both or consolidate them as one
- Single EMA will change color based on a cross of the two EMA values entered
- Programmed alerts for bullish/bearish crossover



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