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Candlestick Dashboard indicator searches for candle patterns in seconds and displays them all in a table below the chart. You don't need to run around a bunch of charts; simply switch to the correct pair and time window in the table:-

The Candlestick Dashboard indicator displays all recognised patterns on a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It also recognises over 30 powerful candlestick patterns (such as reversal, continuation, and trend exhaustion patterns — as well as single, double, and triple candlestick patterns). With a single glance at the dashboard, you'll be able to tell which candlestick pattern has just developed on each pair and time frame (from 1-minute to monthly).

You no longer need to manually scan every pair and time-frame for candlestick patterns. The dashboard does all the hard work for you.

Breakaway is a high-probability reversal pattern. Look at the photo below. In this case, I sorted the dashboard by Pattern, so I can easily see all Breakaway patterns. In addition, the “Candlestick Dashboard” indicator also detects the following reversal patterns:

Hammer / Shooting Star / Hanging Man
Piercing / Dark Cloud
Belt Hold
Squeeze Alert
Fakey / Hikake



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